Form ADV 2A Disclosure

The Form ADV 2A is the disclosure document that must be provided to clients before or at the time of the engagement. The Form ADV 2A is not "answered" online, but it is filed as a .pdf document and uploaded to the IARD system. In other words, you create the Form ADV 2A with your word document software, save it in .pdf form, then upload the finished product to the IARD system. Each Form ADV 2A is based on the business model of the firm and is unique to each individual firm. This document includes your offering (stock portfolios, mutual fund portfolios, ETF portfolios, and etc.), your fee schedules and compensation methods (AUM, flat fee, hourly and etc.), your conflicts of interests (insurance commissions) and a host of other items. Luckily, there is a guide to go by in creating this Form ADV 2A and you can find it here. Instructions on how to complete this document can also be found at the SEC's web site located here. Instructions on how to complete the Form ADV 2A begins on page 3 of 26 when you click on "Part 2" in the SEC file "formadv.pdf."